Laser Hair Removal



Full Body $400
Full Face $60
Upper Lip $40
Chin $40
Arreola $40
Underarm $60
Full Stomach $70
Chest $70
Arms $110
Beard Gang Trim $50
Upper Back $60
Lower Back $60
Bikini Line $65
Brazilian $90
Man- Zilian $90
Buttocks $85
Legs $220

*Laser Packages Available 
*Price for Each Session

*All Laser Services Provided by Candela Laser  

*Prices are subject to change.






 If you’re a man or woman struggling with unwanted facial or body hair, we have a simple solution for you. Natural Radiance Spa can help you professionally and permanently reduce unwanted hair.


“Why do I need multiple treatments?”

Your hair grows in three stages. Only those hairs in the growth stage will respond to the treatment. In order to disable as many hair follicles as possible, our includes several treatment sessions. The latest professional research indicates that 6 and up sessions scheduled four/five weeks apart are required for the most effective and complete treatment. This allows us to target hairs in the critical stage to give you the Simply Smooth results you’re after.

“What kind of technology do we use?”

All treatments are carried out with FDA-approved lasers that meet our high standards for quality and comfort. We only use the industry’s fastest and most versatile technology, including the Candela GentleYAG, which features a revolutionary cooling system to make you more comfortable.

Age/Sun Spot Laser Therapy

Comfort. A pulsed light system that is exceptionally effective at treating pigment at a much more comfortable energy level. There is no need to apply topical anesthetic or gel beforehand, and you can realize superior results in just one or two treatments.

Acne Laser Therapy

Every teenager is familiar with the suffering and stigma associated with pimples, blackheads, and other forms of acne, but few realize that acne affects people of all ages. Our specialist can help manage and control acne outbreaks with prescribed treatments such as exfoliating peels, antibiotics, topical medications, skin extractions, microdermabrasion and laser therapy. With more research, laser therapy may become a great treatment option for all types of acne. Laser could simplify confusing treatment plans. It could eliminate acne treatments that irritate the skin. It may even free us from the possible side effects associated with today’s strongest acne medicines.


Extra plush and comfortable beds, organic cotton sheets and robes, and soothing aromatherapy, and flat screen TV’s combine to create the perfect treatment environment.


We always begin with a free consultation. Our professional staff will take the time to ensure that you thoroughly understand the technology, the procedure and the possibilities before beginning treatment. The consultation is free no matter what – even if you decide not to undergo treatment.



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